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Crystal Tummala, a Multifaceted Woman

You’ve heard of how women can do multiple things at once, and that’s true, but it’s more interesting when someone can achieve success in different fields. That’s the case of Crystal Tummala, J.D, an attorney and inspirational author from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her books cover a wide number of topics and are suitable for all ages.You can get to know more about her life and work in her page gifts for nurses, but we’ll give you a little preview of this wonderful woman, her books, and achievements.

Being informed is very important, no matter the subject, it is always good to know a little about the things that surround us.Crystal Tummala knows this very well.  Her passion and dedication to write the best booksmotivates her to keep writing excellent pieces to help her readers to know a little more. The wonderful thing here is that is not about any specific knowledge, the authors pays special attention to.  She gifts the readers of her books with valuable information, useful for their own everyday living.

Sharing her secrets and tricks to help everyone achieve their own dream of owning a business, health, internet marketing, finding peace or maybe just a few hours of relaxing reading. Crystal Tummala writes in an easy-to-read, dynamic, and entertaining way. That way everyone can enjoy them.  The topics go from tips to the Etsy teenager that wants to open an online shop, to special prayers for all grandparents to keep the evil away from their special ones.

She’s also an expert in Pennsylvania’s laws and kindly shares her knowledge in child custody, divorce and so on. Different topics that are relevant for the modern American adult. Here are some of the other books you can find at her website.They are all available for purchase on amazon, both kindle and paperback.

  1. True Scary Ghost Story: My Real Ordeal Disturbing Occult Accounts, Creepy Paranormal Encounters,ESP and Unexplained Haunting Phenomena

You won’t imagine how many things in the spiritual world you’re not noticing. This book promises to scare you with real stories lived by the author, who tells you her experience with paranormal phenomena. It guaranties you spine-tingling stories if you’re the kind of person who likes terror. There is mention of witchcraft, communication with the dead and much more.

2.    Attract Money Quickly: Ancient Biblical Secrets for Unlimited Prosperity.

Many people will agree that the Bible is the best book for lifechanging experiences. Crystal Tummala brings you the ancient hidden clues to attract wealth and prosperity to yourself and your family. Transform your life reading the special technique the author shares with you.

3.    Alimony, Child Custody, Divorce and Support in Pennsylvania.

Divorce can be hard for both parents and children, because of this the author brings you a helpful book to get you through the difficult process of divorce, child custody and so on. No more unnecessary worries or anxieties. This book is intended to help you.

4.    Essential Oils: Attract Customers & Build A Prosperous Business.

This is the best guide you can find for having your own personal business. Crystal Tummala gifts you with those special secrets and tricks that will lead you to success. Increase your profits with the simple step-by-step technique the author brings to you to attract customers and improve your business.

5.    Teens on the Battlefield: Prayers to Protect Against and Repel Attacks.

It’s a dangerous world out there and Crystal Tummala knows how important your kids are to you. Children can be on our watch, but with teenagers is different. In this book you can find special prayers to protect your teens from bullying, thieves and spiritual attacks.

6.    Etsy Teen: Turn Your Love of Arts & Crafts into Real Money Online.

Here we have another excellent book about how to improve a personal business. It’s important that our teens get to achieve success by themselves, and it’s amazing how some of them can get there by their own hands. The Etsy movement is growing day by day, and in this book the author gives them a step-by-step guide to help them grow personally and financially.

Crystal Tummala has an incredibly wide collection of special books for each and everyone in the family. You can find them on her amazon page.

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