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Signage Printing for Seaside Medical Centre

Signage in a Medical Centre can be critical to health and safety of visitors, so it is important to have clear signage. We were recently contacted by Seaside Medical Centre to print clear and bright signage for the centre. The artwork for A3, A4 and A5 signage was supplied electronically. Data files are checked through our pre-press system then printed digitally in colour, double sided and then laminated.

We have worked with Seaside Medical Centre since 2013. We have provided newsletters, A5 booklets with patient information, A4 flyers, various A3 flyers and patient survey forms to name but a few. All of which help them run their practice in a professional and efficient manner. The signage is probably the most critical to the safe day-to- day running of the Medical Centre. Getting the signage quality right is important to our company as it is on constant display.


Seaside Medical Centre is based in Sheen Road in Eastbourne and is a well-established practice in East Sussex who received a stamp of approval by inspectors after a visit from the Care Quality Commission in February last year. You can read the full report on their website at

The Practice was found to be good for being caring, effective, safe, well led and responsive. The CQC team found an open and transparent approach to safety and an effective system in place for reporting and recording significant events. Risks to patients were assessed and well managed and staff had the skills, knowledge and experience to provide effective care and treatment.

We at Zest applaud this and are very pleased to have been working with Seaside Medical Centre continually over the years to provide them with the items needed to enable them to do what they do best for people.


Get in touch if you think we can help with printing signage for your business or office.  Perhaps we can also help with newsletters, A5 booklets, A4 booklets, A5 flyers, A4 flyers, A3 flyers, forms etc.

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