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4 Ways to Keep Safe when you Hookup with a Man

Hookups are fun, hot and exciting but they should be safe. Nowadays, you have countless options for dating or romance and you can find a man who will offer you an exciting sexual appearance. But if you are after a casual affair, it’s important to adhere to the tips below. They will keep safe when you hookup with a man.

Top Four Tips to Keeping Safe during hookups

Choose a respectful man

This might seem basic but it’s an important point when you’re being taken out. You can easily know the behavior of a guy based on how he chats with you on the dating platform. Go for matches who are polite, open and kind and this can improve in your real life. Every woman desires a respectful match and if you don’t find these traits in him, then you can look for the next potential.

Talk about the necessary conversations before meeting

Though sex is enjoyable, it’s not always sexy. Before hooking up with a man, you should discuss the crucial topics such as boundaries, sex practices and their STI status. This is important whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or if you want to date for the long-term.

Be Cautious

If you’re travelling to meet your match, it’s important to be accountable. Notify your close friend or someone else when you are heading out for a date. You can do so via text or calls and this will help them know where to find you when you go missing.

Don’t Drink too much Alcohol

When drinking with your match, it’s important to check your alcohol consumption. Taking too much alcohol or other drugs can result in unnecessary risks. You can even be sexually or physically assaulted and it’s hard to get yourself of such situations when you’re intoxicated.


For your hookup to fun on, it’s important to take precautions. And as you head for your first date, know that you can enjoy all those good feelings and they’re even more exciting when you are assured of your safety.

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