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5 tips on how to make a secure password

You need to create a password to open an online account or computer. The password will keep the privacy of your account from others. Below are important tips on how to secure your passwords, and to ensure you follow them, so your accounts remain safe as much as possible.

Don’t Write Down Your Password

There are strong passwords that you think may need writing down to remember. You intend to keep them near your computer, or in your wallet for easy reference. However, the right thing to do is never to write it down as it brings a possibility for crooks to see and hack your account. It increases chances of having them break in especially if the passwords are revealed. Your passwords must be treated with utmost privacy just like ATM card PIN, and alarm codes do.

Change Your Password Every 45-60 Days

Do change your password as often as possible, probably in 60 days. Here, you prevent someone from being interested in guessing your password and using it if they find out. In many instances of identity theft or hacking, hackers will access your password several times to minimize getting caught from their account activities such as transferring a substantial amount of money in one moment.

Don’t Use Sequential Passwords

It may be quite tempting to use the same password with a different number at the end, such as ‘Password1′, ‘Password 2′, ‘Password 3′ and so on. This method makes it easy for people to guess your existing password, especially if they have learned about an old password of yours.

Have you ever questioned yourself “How secure is my password”? Many people want to keep their accounts safe as possible, so if you want to have a secure password, make sure you create a strong password which includes a number, small size and big sizes letters, a number in the middle, etc. but never ever use sequential numbers the next time you modify your password.

Don’t Use Common Words

Never use common words taken from your names or the dictionary as your password. This method used to break in your password is otherwise known as a ‘brute force’ attack, which targets common words.

This form of attack works by using computers to enter hundreds of common words and try to find one that equals your password. However, if you have strong passwords, the overall password security is assured, and you make it hard for them to determine.

Don’t Let Your Browser Remember Your Password

If you are using a browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, never use the option to log-in to your email or online shopping account. This can be a quite tempting choice as you don’t need to key-in your password the next time you log-in to a designated website. Options may be provided but never use it to secure your password.

How secure is my password? There are sites that you can test the strength of your password. Usually strong passwords are long and have avariety of letters, number and symbols included. Creating a unique and secure password should be different for each of your accounts to provide more security to all of your accounts. The task may seem annoying at first as you need to remember all of these. However, if you use strong passwords, you don’t only secure your online accounts. You keep online transactions safe and secure from hacking and identity theft.

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