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How can A Cuckold Husband Convince Cuckold Wife to Cuckold

If your wife is not into cuckolding, cuckold is a fantasy! However, this guide can help you unlock the cuckold fantasy in your wife. Remember, the key is to unlock her cuckolding fantasy and not convince her. Sometimes, your wife might be into cuckolding but doesn’t know how to bring it up or start a discussion. Here are some ways you can use:

Use the questionnaire method

How well do you know your wife? If you think you know your wife exclusively, you might be wrong. However, with a sex questionnaire, you can know the fantasies you and your wife share. In a sex questionnaire, you and your wife take turns to answer sexual questions privately and then compare the answers. You can try the fantasies you have in common and discard the rest. Who knows, maybe your wife would like to try cuckold dating on!

For the questionnaire method to work well, create a perfect moment at home or try something that makes her relax or get turned on. Remember, when answering the questions, assure her you will not be judgmental to make her feel at ease and be honest.

Plant the seed

If nothing matches in your sex questionnaire, you can try unraveling your wife’s sexual fantasy. Some of the ways you can try planting the seed include:

• Ask her who she finds attractive – you could be watching a movie or TV, and you ask her about a man on the TV. She can explain the type of men she finds attractive or sexy. From there, it is easy to navigate the conversation into cuckolding slowly.

• Going to a dance club – if she likes going out, try a dance club and ask her suggestive questions about the men around. Try being nice and calm about it.

• The dating app – if you don’t like going to a nightclub, you can join a cuckold dating site and play a game of who you find hot. Slowly, ask her about her fantasies to know what she thinks.

• Truth or dare – alternatively, you can play truth or dare, especially when drinking in your home or club. It is easy to know what your wife thinks about cuckolding playing the truth or dare game.

It is prudent not to use the word cuckolding if your wife does not know about it. Instead, talk about a threesome with another man or giving her a chance to get intimate with a handsome guy she knows. Using this approach, you can make your wife comfortable to engage in the conversation and even try cuckolding dating for couples!

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