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Marijuana May Benefit Millions In Suffering

My husband recently found myself in an argument with a co-worker about marijuana. His pal was of the view that marijuana should be legalized and available like alcohol and tobacco. His only purpose because of this change was that " marijuana never killed anyone." Based on him, no you've got actually overdosed and died with this plant. My husband was relatively incredulous and called me at meal to question me to check on the internet and find out if this is actually true. I'd my questions as well. Marijuana must be illegal for reasons, correct? So I started researching. Much like many controversial issues, everyone appears to have view about whether marijuana is harmful or not. Nevertheless, I wasn't looking for views, I was looking for evidence.

Often for marijuana it seems that the evidence you will find depends where area of the controversy you identify with. Like, Schaffer Selection of Drug Plan and the Indiana Civil Liberties Union (ICLU) Drug Job Force are both proponents of legalizing marijuana. picco sales buds reviews Equally cite the lack overdose deaths as a verification of the cause. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) which is against marijuana published a written report in 2002 mentioning two overdose deaths from marijuana , one in Atlanta and one in Boston. Nevertheless further study turned up no details about those two deaths. Using this data, it seems that my husband's co-worker was correct; marijuana hasn't killed anyone from an overdose. As I delved further into this dilemma though, I found that to stop at this point is misleading at best.

While you will find disagreements about the dangerousness of marijuana , the National Psychology Association and different medical specialists all agree that, like alcohol and cigarette, marijuana is definitely an addictive medicine and as such has specific signs connected with overdose and withdrawal. Indicators for marijuana overdose contain: a rapid heartrate, breathing trouble, paranoia, disorientation, delirium, hallucination, stress problems, and a "handover emotion all through recovery." Like alcohol, it takes a various volume for every individual to become "drunk" on marijuana and in case a individual takes too much an overdose can result. While death is unlikely, a marijuana overdose continues to be a critical medical situation and should be treated accordingly.

The issue with stating that marijuana hasn't killed anyone may be the frequency with which marijuana is coupled with different drugs. For the thirty one cities that have been contained in DAWN's marijuana report, just twenty-three % of the noted marijuana deaths included marijuana alone. The other seventy-seven % were deaths where in actuality the deceased had applied marijuana in combination with still another medicine or alcohol. Actually proponents of marijuana suggest that it is not good to combine the medicine with other things because of health risks. It might be correct that no you've got actually overdosed and died on marijuana alone. However the health threats connected with marijuana use, especially if you have different medical conditions, and the frequency with which marijuana is coupled with different medications makes that an undesirable controversy for legalization.

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