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Most Recommended Things to Do in Marseille

The most renowned Marseille attraction would be Marseille itself.  The vibrant beat of the city, the influx of different sets of people as well as the atmosphere of the place all contributes to its appeal to the tourist.  But in case that you want to experience the distinct part of the city, here are some of the most recommended things to do in Marseille.


Things to Do in Marseille as Recommended by the Experts


Visit the Old Port


The Old Port in Marseille is located at the heart of the city.  It has always been the place where a lot of people converge in order to protest or celebrate a momentous event.  In case you are wondering what to do in Marseille Old Port, the place is thriving with numerous bars and restaurants.  This Marseille attraction is also a place where some artists and craftsmen converge.  The flow of traffic in this area before was a disaster but today; there has been some considerable amount of improvement.  If you are looking for things to do in Marseille, there is also a museum in the old port that houses some of the most important historical items of the city.




If you want to experience the old colonial trading era of Marseille, you can get a hint of its wealth and success by visiting canebiere.  Some people consider this Marseille attraction as the Champ Elysse of the city.  Unfortunately, there have been a lot of changes in La Canebiere and the glorious days of this place has long been gone.  In fact, you will be surprised on how deserted the area is during 8:00 onwards, but still visiting this place is still one of the things to do in Marseille.


Le Panier


On the off chance that you took the northern part of the old port of Marseille, climbing the hill will lead you to the oldest fortress in the area.  This is where the French Connection occurred and has also been the places for the immigrants and the hoodlums before.  This Marseille Attraction that is used to be the dwelling place of the poor is now a museum.  But in case you are looking for what to do in Marseille that is distinct, the main thing that is drawing lots of people would be the Place des Pistoles that offers a perfect place to sip a warm coffee.


Here are just some of the best things to do in Marseille that is recommended by the experts.  In case you are searching for what to do in Marseille, these Marseille attraction will surely satisfy your weary soul and will indeed gave you a genuine local feel of the city of Marseille.

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