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As an Artist Representative, I'm passionate about net gallery pricing because disappointment to display rates decreases our capacity to offer paintings. Art Galleries are in the business of selling art. How To Relocate Your Art Gallery Like A Pro  It's a secret why some galleries (and artists) do not post rates on their websites. Art collectors head to art gallery websites for information. If audience do not see standard information, they become discouraged and steer to a different gallery website. At least, collectors desire to see:

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Some dealers argue that omitting rates helps to start relationships involving the gallery and the buyer. If the consumer calls to request the cost, the gallery thinks they could pitch the consumer and, if necessary, present incentives.

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Art collectors aren't naïve. They know art expenses money. Why withhold information and change collectors in to contacting the gallery? Many enthusiastic art collectors won't ever grab the phone to ask about the buying price of art. Additionally, the consumer can't contact a gallery following hours, and so the possibility to produce a sale can only arise once the gallery is open. One of our collectors said there is so much art on the market from which to chose---she'll visit a site that shows rates rather than grab the phone to ask about a price.

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Placing rates devalues art. They'd somewhat "smooth offer" the art.

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Net visitors need details at their finger tips. The gallery does an injustice to their collectors and their artists by not applying every possibility to offer their paintings. Every key art work gallery and market home shows rates on their sites. It must certanly be employed by them!

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Their artists do not have consistent prices. The artists increase their charges for some galleries and lower them in others. The gallery doesn't need the consumer to learn the cost discrepancies.

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Artists that do not keep consistent pricing are unprofessional. Artwork galleries shouldn't signify them. The art industry across the entire world is extremely romantic, as a result of the Internet. It's easy to find if an artist carries his just work at significantly dissimilar prices. (Of program, one should contemplate the expense of framing---gold material, gold leaf, etc. ---but that's yet another subject.)

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The gallery employs the internet site to obtain potential customers interested in their works---not to truly produce income from the site. They need the collectors ahead in to the gallery to get their art.

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It is extremely short-sighted to believe that all customers will visit a gallery. Many art collectors do not live anywhere near the gallery. Countless 21st Century customers are Net smart and often buy paintings they see online. Awarded, the enthusiast will contact to talk about details with the gallery---but having exact images and rates on the internet site helps to close the deal.


1) My artist's most readily useful selling galleries post rates and offer many paintings from their websites. Some of their customers never go in the art gallery door.

2) Failure to number rates has become this type of problem for website visitors that simplicity specialist Jakob Nielsen recently considered it the top internet style mistake. I estimate Mr. Nielsen---"The worst example of not answering consumers'issues is to avoid listing the buying price of items and services. Number B2C e-commerce site would make that mistake,... Cost is probably the most specific piece of info customers use to comprehend the nature of an giving, and not giving it makes persons experience missing and decreases their understanding of a product line. We've miles of videotape of consumers wondering "Where's the cost?" while bringing their hair out."

3) Your website acts as your salesperson across the entire world, twenty four hours each day, 7 times a week.

4) Persons searching for discounts will request a discount. If Net customers like a painting and the cost is within their ballpark, they are clever enough to understand they could keep in touch with the gallery by email or telephone and request a discount.

5) The gallery helps you to save the consumer time and distress by listing the retail cost on the website. A buyer will be ashamed to locate a painting retails for over $50,000 when he believed it will be below $10,000.

6) From extensive research, I have found that disappointment to number rates is a collector's dog peeve. One enthusiast said she saw a painting she needed to get in an ad in a national art magazine. She went along to the gallery website and was frustrated--- they did not post prices. As opposed to contact the gallery, she Google'd the artist's title and discovered him at yet another gallery---one that published prices. She called that gallery and acquired a painting from them.

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