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Thinking About Organizing Marijuana Screening in Your Organization

My husband lately found myself in an argument with a co-worker about marijuana. His friend was of the view that marijuana must be legalized and available like liquor and tobacco. His sole reason because of this modify was that " marijuana hasn't killed anyone." In accordance with him, no one has ever overdosed and died with this plant. My husband was rather incredulous and called me at lunch to question me to check the net and find out if this is actually true. I had my doubts as well. Marijuana has to be illegal for a reason, right? So I began researching. Much like several controversial problems, everyone else seems with an view about whether marijuana is harmful or not. However, I wasn't searching for views, I was searching for evidence.

Oftentimes for marijuana it would appear that the evidence you will find depends on which area of the discussion you identify with. Like, Schaffer Library of Drug Plan and the Indiana Civil Liberties Union (ICLU) Drug Task Power are generally proponents of legalizing marijuana. Both cite the lack overdose deaths as a verification of their cause. The Drug Punishment Warning Network (DAWN) which is against marijuana published a report in 2002 mentioning two overdose deaths from marijuana , one in Atlanta and one in Boston. However more research resulted in no information about those two deaths. From this data legit online dispensary shipping worldwide, it would appear that my husband's co-worker was right; marijuana hasn't killed anyone from an overdose. As I delved more in to this matter though, I unearthed that to prevent at this time is deceptive at best.

While you can find disagreements concerning the dangerousness of marijuana , the National Psychology Association and different medical experts all agree totally that, like liquor and tobacco, marijuana is an addictive drug and therefore has specific symptoms associated with overdose and withdrawal. Signs for marijuana overdose include: a quick heartbeat, breathing trouble, paranoia, disorientation, delirium, hallucination, stress episodes, and a "handover sensation all through recovery." Like liquor, it takes a different amount for every individual to become "drunk" on marijuana and if your individual requires too much an overdose may result. While death is not likely, a marijuana overdose is still a critical medical situation and must be treated accordingly.

The problem with saying that marijuana hasn't killed anyone may be the volume with which marijuana is along with different drugs. For the thirty one cities which were contained in DAWN's marijuana report, only twenty-three percent of the described marijuana deaths involved marijuana alone. Another seventy-seven percent were deaths where in fact the deceased had used marijuana in conjunction with yet another drug or alcohol. Actually proponents of marijuana recommend it is negative to mix the drug with anything else because of health risks. It could be correct that no one has ever overdosed and died on marijuana alone. Though the health risks associated with marijuana use, particularly if you have different medical problems, and the volume with which marijuana is along with different medications makes that an undesirable discussion for legalization.

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