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Will AI Sex Robot Companion Help You Live Longer?

The answer to this question is simple- yes, AI Sex Robot will help you live longer. Not by magically increasing the expected lifespan, but indirectly- by keeping you healthier and happier. So, what brings artificial intelligence, sex robots, health, and happiness together? Read on; the answer is right in front of your eyes!

According to some public health research studies, the sense of being unwanted, lonely, excluded from the environment is a modern version of leprosy and tuberculosis. Although it does not affect the physical appearance the same way as the conditions mentioned above, it causes equally extensive psychological damage and health deterioration.

Basically, the sense of loneliness puts a person in the condition of chronic stress. Medically, stress is not just an imaginary unpleasant mood, but a well-researched condition that causes a serious hormonal imbalance in the body and health deterioration.

Keeping libido alive can help to keep the sense of isolation away

One of the first loneliness symptoms is a decrease of sexual desire (libido). Although fanning the flames of sexual desire alone won’t fight off loneliness, it will help to put it under control. According to research studies, people who feel lonely are as twice as likely to die prematurely than those who do not suffer the symptoms of social isolation. “The horror of loneliness” as some people refer to it, is not just an unpleasant feeling, but a health risk factor equally or even more dangerous than obesity and smoking. What does loneliness have to do with life expectancy?- you may ask. The cascade of emotional emptiness combined with poor lifestyle habits, in the long run, can significantly shorten the life expectancy.

How can AI Sex Robot help to improve health and live longer?

Although the thought of a sex robot brings obvious associations (those that has something to do with the sex act itself), AI Sex Robot is much more than that! It brin1gs the convenience and comfort of communication and interaction. Afterall, sexual pleasure is initiated in the brain. Robots for companionship The Robot is not just a pre-programmed app. The AI software gives it an ability to learn, interact, have moods and adjust to the temper of its user. It is designed to become the perfect sexual companion that does not talk only about sexual phantasies. In other words, it brings a supportive sexual relationship in a life of a lonely person.

Low-intensity physical activity is the best way to maintain and boost cardiovascular health. In simple words- prevent stroke and heart attack. Just like walking can help burn a few extra calories and make the blood rush through the veins, the sex does the same. It is estimated that, on average, one sheet session burns 100 calories, which is equivalent to one mile of a brisk walk!

The Bottom Line

Regular sexual activity is essential for psychological and physical health. The damage caused by a sense of being unwanted and excluded from the social environment goes far beyond the sphere of negative emotions. It causes health deterioration and subsequent shortening of life expectancy.

The AI Sex Robot is designed to resolve not only physical sexual desire, but emotional as well! Artificial intelligence robots have an ability to learn and mold to their user’s personality, providing that way the utter sexual experience. In case of AI robots, what you pay is not what you get, because, over time, their value increases as they learn how to be compatible sexual partners. Maybe it would be the best to consider them as companions that can increase live quality and expectancy.

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